Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands

I've been reading an interesting book called "Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands - How to do business in sixty countries". It tells you about the different business cultures in countries of the world, negotiating techniques, protocol etc. Did you know that:

- in Hong Kong, members of the same sex may hold hands to signify friendship but members of the opposite sex may not
- you should never show the bottom of your foot to an Arab, this is considered offensive
- You should not give a Chinese businessman a clock as a gift, this signifies funerals
- in India, touching a communal dish with your hands will cause your fellow diners to avoid it
- in France, don't mistake a high pitched voice and excited gestures for anger; they usually just mean great interest in the subject
- in Thailand always give up your seat on a bus or train to a monk who is standing
- in Japan, sniffing, snorting and spitting in public is considered acceptable

and of course, I had to check out England...

- the English apologize often, even for small inconveniences
- Don't make jokes about the Royal Family
- The English enjoy talking about animals
- The British do not look at the other person when they talk
- Men should not wear striped ties, the British "regimentals" are striped and yours may look like an imitation.

Err, right-o

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