Friday, January 29, 2010

The Boost you don't want

The new and improved Bejeweled Blitz is rigged! During the game, certain jewels that are destroyed are coins. When you have enough coins you can purchase 'Boosts' for use during subsequent games. These Boosts do various things such as shuffle all the jewels on the board, destroy all the special gems, give you a multiplier gem at the start of the game etc. However it seems to me that the game has been "rigged" so that you cannot make much good use of them. For example,whenever I buy a Boost to switch the gems round on the board, the game gives me some really good jewels and matches so I don't need to use the button. You can't save it for another game, it is a case of "use it or lose it". When I have bought a Boost to get a multiplier gem at the start of the game, my jewel matches all seem to be at the opposite side of the board from the multiplier, so I can't actually destroy it. And when I get the Boost that allows me to destroy all the special gems on the board, the gems are set up such that I can never seem to make a run of 4, so I never get any special gems. Am I just imagining this? I don't think so. What a swiz!

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