Saturday, January 30, 2010

Its fun to stay at the ......

Spent a few hours at the local YMCA in Westborough today. Its not a bad facility, with a big swimming pool, gym, basketball courts, and running track. Emma practiced her basketball skills on the court with her friend, while Robert and Tony were in the gym. Afterward, the girls went in the pool. The thing that annoys me about this place is that it has a bunch of rules associated with the pool, but it does not enforce them. For example, there are 5 changing facilities, one for adult females, one for adult males, one for girls accompanied by an adult female, one for boys accompanied by an adult male and finally one for families (typically when a dad takes his daughters or a mom takes her sons). This is a good idea, but frequently when I take Emma into the girls changing room, there are groups of teenage girls in there causing havoc with no adult in sight. Its really annoying. Another rule that's frequently broken is swimming attire. It states clearly that regular swimsuits must be worn, but you often see both kids and adults in the pool wearing shorts and t-shirts. Some look as though they have just come up from the gym, Ew!.
Then there's the women who don't tie back their thick, long, hair and it ends up floating around the pool or on the floor of the shower stalls. Not to mention the people who play in the lap swimming lanes generally getting in the way.

I don't mind rules, in fact I welcome them. But if you have them, please enforce them to make it a more pleasant experience for the majority.

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