Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Look what the cat dragged in...

Something disgusting happened yesterday. We were sitting on the deck enjoying the evening sunshine, when the cat started heaving and retching. She threw up something long and flat and yellow and as she backed away from it, more and more emerged until there was about 4 feet of this stuff hanging out of her mouth. OMG! I thought, its a tapeworm, or its a extra long piece of fettuchine. Gross. But then I realized it was a very long piece of yellow ribbon which we had previously been wiggling around for her to chase. Even more gross.

Now what does one do when a cat sits there with 4 feet of ribbon hanging out of its mouth, with the remaining 2 feet or so still embedded somewhere in its stomach. Its a scenario that I have not played out in my head before, and I was a bit stuck for ideas.

Being a tidy sort of a gal, and quite fond of sewing, I decided to cut it off with a pair of scissors to neaten things up. The cat ate the remaining inch or two that stuck out of her mouth, and after one rather subdued evening, she now seems back to normal.

Of course the excitement will really come when nature takes its course and we see the arrival of the remaining 2 feet from her rear end. Lets hope it all comes out at once and I don't have to do a tidy-up job with the scissors at that end as well!!!
Don't you just wish your life was as exciting as mine?

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