Friday, August 21, 2009

A lazy day

We spent a fairly lazy day today pottering around the stores in Natick Mall. It was just too hot to be outside so the mall was the logical choice. Natick mall (or "Natick Collection" as it now likes to be known), is the largest mall in New England with over 200 stores icluding Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Tiffany's, Coach, Apple, the Cheesecake factory (no M&S of course). I enjoyed looking in Williams-Sonoma, an upscale kitchen store, and couldn't resist two gadgets that every home must have, a thing to take the stem out of strawberries and a thing to make your fried eggs perfectly round. How have I manage without them until now?? Emma and I also enjoyed trying on some $900 shoes in Nordstom's shoe departmemt, and some $60 molded rubber bright yellow shoes that you could not pay me to wear.

We finished up with dinner at the British Beer Company (or the BBC as its simetmes known here). This place attempts to be like a typical British pub. The blurb states "In Great Britain, Ireland and across Europe, the pub or “local” is the center of town life: a place to relax, refuel the body and the spirit, share news and be entertained. The pubs and restaurants of the British Beer Company deliver that same atmosphere and service to Americans today". Its a pretty good place, with many beers on tap, and a few typical British meals on the menu such as fish and chips, shepherds pie and bangers and mash. However it cannot be considered a true British pub replica until it includes some staples of British pub life; the scantily-clad group of 16 year olds trying to get picked up, the old drunk abusing the barmaid and the 17-year old throwing up outside. I wonder if they have a suggestion box?


  1. I agree, it's not about Beer and's about Beer and more Beer!