Friday, August 7, 2009

Having a Crackin' time

Yesterday we decided to take advantage of the good weather (i.e. it stopped raining momentarily) and take a drive to the coast. We first went to "The Knap", a pebble beach near the more popular 'Barry Island'. Despite the Daily Mail telling me that the BBQ summer was back on in the UK, it was, as the locals say "Bloody freezin". As we had taken the weatherman at his word, we had not packed coats, and by chance had 2 rainjackets in the back of the car, which we took it in turns to wear. We shivered on the pebbles eating our Tescos sandwiches and pork pies, then raced back to the car to get warm.

We followed this with a drive to that mecca of entertainment, Barry Island. People who were obviously made of sturdier stuff than us, were sat on the beach in swimsuits, looking out at the grey clouds and the grey sea through their binoculars. We wandered through the "Pleasure Park" (I'll be the judge of that, thank you)- an amusement park that has definitely seen better days. And we browsed in the giftshop at the "Oh! whats occuring" T-shirts and "I'm not gunna lie to you, Barry Island is crackin" mugs. Gavin and Stacey have a lot to answer for..

Having said that, we had a lovely walk along the coast. A path has been built that runs from Barry Island around the coastline past what used to be Butlins, to the next cove. With the wind whistling past and the waves crashing, it was invigorating and enjoyable. We finished up with an hour browsing through the enormous Marks and Spencer store at Culverhouse Cross - I'm thinking I should be taking out shares in M&S....

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