Friday, July 10, 2009

In the news today

From the BBC news today:

A former college head who faced charges thought to relate to inappropriate clothing will not face court, the BBC Scotland news website can reveal.

I'm glad this precedent has been set, otherwise I could envisage many of the people I work with facing court procedings. Trousers that flap around the ankles because they are pulled up over the chest, low pants with muffin top hips, short walking shorts worn with walking boots, velour sweat name it, we have it at my workplace. And I consider it all to be inappropriate.

Police on Tyneside have apologised to a university lecturer after riot officers mistakenly raided his family home. Dr Ike-Elechi Ogba said his wife and three young children were traumatised when officers broke down the door of his Newcastle home. The Northumbria University lecturer said he was handcuffed and told to "shut his mouth and co-operate" while officers searched for drugs. Northumbria Police said they had received incorrect intelligence.

Oh well, these things happen. As long as the police said they were sorry then thats OK isn't it?

A shop owner has said he was threatened with prosecution after displaying joke billboards at his store in Horsham. John O'Sullivan, who owns the Candy Box, put up spoof news headlines outside his store for 10 weeks in an attempt to entertain his customers. The spoof headlines included "Crawley Girl Gives Birth to Pitbull" and "Local Youths Abduct UFO".

I suggest that the next sign he displays should say "Reward offered for lost sense of humour. If found, please contact Horsham District Council"

Smart clothes could take photos
Smart fabrics that may one day be able to take images of their surroundings are under development by US researchers.

Not so sure I want that research to be successful. Just think if they made underwear out of this fabric? Some things are not naturally photogenic, especially up-close....

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