Monday, July 27, 2009

A healthy salad, with protein

Feeling all self-righteous after my lunchtime walk at work today, I decided to have a nice healthy salad for lunch from the cafeteria. I sat at my desk munching contentedly on my lettuce leaves, when to my horror I looked down and there on my white jeans, wriggling wildly, was Charlie the caterpillar, all green and smug-looking because he had escaped from the curly lettuce leaf and honey mustard dressing. OMG as my kids would say! He was huge!!! (OK, so he was about a half an inch long and 2mm wide, but size doesn't matter right?...) I screeched ever so quietly so as not to disturb my fellow workers, and sent him caterpillaring, I mean catapulting across the office with a swift flick of my fingers. I must confess I felt so nauseous afterwards that I had to nip down to the cafeteria again and settle my stomach with an extra large Snickers bar. You know where you are with Snickers......

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