Saturday, February 28, 2009

Go G1!!

Today we watched Emma's last basketball game of the season. For the past 10 weeks she has played for a team with the imaginative name of "G1" (Girls 1), which consists of 3rd and 4th Graders. Her team were unbeaten which was pretty impressive. This is the first time she has played basketball, and she still seems a little unsure of what she should be doing, but we did see a definite improvement between the start and the end of the season. The team were presented with a trophy and a medal with "2009 Undefeated Season" written on it. For a while today it looked as though G1 may not win - not sure what the coach would've done with the medal if that had happened! Anyway, they picked up the pace and eventually won by a large margin (31/16 I recall). They finished up with the standard "end of season celebration", i.e. pizza and cup cakes, followed by a team photo. See video below of Emma (#3) trying to make sense of it all....

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