Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pick of the Pops and Flops

Currently listening to BBC Radio 2. The "Pick of the Pops" show is on, which is played every Saturday (morning for me, afternoon for the UK) by long-time DJ Tony Blackburn. To the uninitiated, he picks 2 years from the past 60 (gulp!) and plays the songs that were in the charts during those years. Todays years selected were 1964 and 1991. Now I can't say I paid much attention to the radio in 1964, being more interested in eating, sleeping and ...well, you get the picture. But because the music was so good in the sixties, I think I recognized just about every song played, and knew the words to many of them too. The Beatles - Can't buy me love, Billy J Kramer - Little children, Peter and Gordan - World without love, The Hollies - Just one look, The Rolling Stones - Not Fade away...

I could not say the same for 1991. An example of the forgettable 'hits' are Scritti Politti and Shabba Ranks -She's a woman, Dannii Minogue - Love and Kisses, Banderas - This is your life and some tedious number by Simple Minds called "Let there be Love". Even the BeeGees song was poor - Secret Love.
The only ones I knew the words to were remakes of older songs such as The Pet Shop Boys - Streets have no name (Can't take my eyes off you).
I think overall the 90's has to be the worst decade for music.

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