Thursday, April 18, 2013

Are you pulling my leg?

Just reading an article about the aftermath of theBoston Marathon bombings and the struggles that will be faced by the 14 people who lost their legs or arms. The article "Challenges lie ahead for Marathon Bombing amputees", states that the recovery can take a long time. I quote....

The wound where a limb has been amputated usually heals within 10 to 14 days, if there are no complications. The end of the limb is then wrapped tightly with an elastic bandage or sock for several weeks, to compress it into a cylindrical or cone shape that better fits the socket of a prosthesis.
“Sometimes they can be ready for a prosthesis in five or six weeks, but I have seen patients not ready for up to a year because they had complications with wound infections or problems with insurance,
Ermm, excuse me, did I read that correctly? "problems with insurance"??? You've just lost a limb for goodness sake! What possible problems with insurance could there be?! 
"Excuse me madam, United Healthcare deny your claim for a prosthesis on the grounds that you have one functioning leg and therefore you have the ability to hop..."
WTF! What sort of health care system do we have in America? There may be waiting lists in the UK National Health Service, but for things that matter or are urgent, there is no wait, no insurance cards, no claims or referrals and no questions. And that just how it should be.

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