Monday, February 21, 2011

Try to look the part

Off to the gym?
Just spent an hour at the local YMCA on their indoor track (don't be impressed, I was walking, not running). I was amazed at the bizarre exercise attire donned by some of the people there. Apart from the normal lycra, and the more startling velour top and pants, I was amazed to see one woman exercising in a thick, Aran-style wool sweater. She had a pair of sweatpants on that must have previously belonged to her 400lb husband and she had to stop at regular intervals to hitch them up. Another woman was wearing a padded coat and jeans while she walked around the track and a pair of shoes that I would be embarrassed to garden in. But the most inappropriate attire seemed to be on the basketball courts below. I saw a woman running around, fully engaged in a game, wearing a pair of super-skinny tight jeans and some fur lined, mid-calf high, suede boots. I'll bet they smelled nice afterward....

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