Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. . . somewhere else!

We have had such extreme weather this winter that I felt a few pictures were in order just to make sure we don't forget what a New England winter is capable of. Thankfully it is not normally this bad, but unfortunately we still have more to come, with 2 more storms forecast over the next week. These photos are the snow around our house. We have cleared the driveway multiple times, the banks of snow either side are so high our snow-blower is struggling to blow the snow over them. We had to clear the snow off our deck because of the potential problems that the weight of 4 feet of snow could bring. We had to dig a path to the deck first. Getting tired of it now but it makes for some good photos.

This is the front path

Mailbox is nearly buried

Path to the shed

Path to deck plus clearing snow from basement window

View of the garden from the deck

The snow bank is higher than the deck rails

Snow mounds either side of driveway getting too high to blow snow!

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