Thursday, December 30, 2010

It makes no sense

One of the top news items over the Christmas period in the UK was the disappearance of a 25 year old woman called Joanna Yeates. She disappeared on December 17th and her body was eventually found covered in snow on the side of a road on Christmas Day - she had been strangled. The Times newspaper had a report of the latest events,  and included a quote from the victim's father. It began  "Mr Yeates, speaking from his 600,000 pound home in Hampshire said....".

Why on earth is the value of the family's home a relevant detail in this news report? If it was a suspected kidnapping then maybe there would be some logic to the information, but it wasn't. She'd been found dead. Does it make it any less of, or more horrific a crime because her father lives in an expensive house?

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