Saturday, March 13, 2010

Whatever floats your boat

On the way back from TX, I was in the aisle seat in a row of 3. There was a teenage couple sitting in the other 2 seats, you know the kind, ripped jeans, skinny, long lank hair, sullen expressions, scruffy backpacks etc. I was fascinated by the way that the boy treated the girl. He buckled her in, he tucked his coat over her, he let her sleep on his shoulder and while she was sleeping he braided her hair. When she was awake (which was not often) he gazed lovingly at her. It was a bit unnerving when he kept rubbing her tummy and I felt like saying "Hey girl, ditch the doe-eyed weirdo and for goodness sake, get a dose of self respect!". But I didn't....

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