Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bistro Limoncello, Northborough

Tried a new restaurant near us last night, called Bistro Limoncello (Italian obviously). It was really nice inside, quite small, dimmed lights, with a bar and around 12 tables each seating 2 or 4. It was very quiet, probably due to the awful weather and the fact that it was a Tuesday, but amazingly, with the warm welcome and the jazz-type music playing in the background, there was a comfortable atmosphere. Food was reasonably priced, presented nicely and tasted pretty good - the menu was a bit ordinary and I was disappointed that out of the 4 possible desserts not one was home-made. Even so, the tiramisu I selected tasted good...good but not great. Overall we had a nice time and would go back, and it has the definite advantage of being very close to our house, making it almost a 'local'.

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