Friday, May 6, 2011

A little prick does the trick (ooo-err Missus!)

Back from my first session of be truthful, the treatment had to be cut short. I suffered from the very rare condition known as 'acupuncture fainting'! Yes, I passed out. I've no idea why. I remember telling the acupuncturist that I was starting to feel faint. Next thing I knew he was gently slapping my hand saying "Heather, are in the acupuncturist office...". Apparently I was out cold for a few minutes.

So having said that, here's what I can report from what I do remember. The needles didn't hurt (apart from one, but not much). The reclining chairs were incredibly comfy. My back does not feel much different but my stomach's been gurgling all day...must have done something but I withhold  judgement for now.

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