Monday, May 23, 2011

Family Feud - not on my wavelength

I've been playing an online version of "Family Feud" (I think it was called Family Fortunes in the UK). Basically you get asked 5 questions, and you get more points if your answer aligns with the majority of the audience when they were asked the same question. I think that the "online audience" for this game were definitely from the US not the UK.

For example, name a New Year TV host ...the most popular answer was Dick Clark...err, who? "Name something served over rice" obviously I answered 'curry' (duh, what else is there?). Well...Chicken apparently..which was the #1 answer with curry getting a big, fat zero.

And the one I felt sure would get me lots of points "Name a food that can be stuffed". I answered "Chicken". Would you believe the most popular answer was Peppers! What?! That audience have obviously been watching way too much Nigella....huh? who?

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