Thursday, April 28, 2011

Busch Gardens - a disappointing day

Of course, no trip to the Gulf beaches with kids would be complete without a visit to Busch Gardens however it was a day full of disappointments. The first disappointment was when we saw the price of an entrance ticket; $78 per person no less! Over $300 for the family for the day! Nothing is THAT good. Luckily we found a Burger King offer online which gave us $20 off per ticket, making it a bit easier to swallow. Of course when we arrived we had to dig into our pockets again for the $13 parking fee which gave us the right to park our car at the far end of a very large parking lot.

We started off well going on the Gwazi  wooden rollercoaster twice followed by Sheikra, one of only 4 vertical drop roller coasters in the world (apparently). We then traveled around the "Serengeti plain" on the train, seeing some zebra and giraffe. Things went downhill from then on. Two of the rides (the Montu rollercoaster and the skyride) were closed for maintenance. Then other rides started closing one after another due to a thunderstorm looming on the horizon. Eventually the skies opened and we experienced a huge thunder and lightening storm and torrential rain. The park never reopened after that and we trooped out thinking about our washed out day and how little we had managed to do for such a lot of money. Not a good day and the worst part was that the Anheuser Busch hospitality tent was no longer offering free beer. Very disappointing.

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