Sunday, March 13, 2011

Making choices

Hmm...Chinese or Ceramics?
Robert is in the final year of middle school and as such, has to make choices about the courses he wants to do next year in high school.  The school have really made a meal out of something that should be so simple. Tony and I went to a parents evening last week which was intended to tell us about the program. It lasted 2 hours. The students were presented with a 70 page book, outlining all the possible subjects and levels. I came to the conclusion that it could've been summed up in the following simple statement: "Your child must take a series of mandatory subjects next year, such as Math, English, a language and a science. The appropriate level (honors, A or B) will be selected by their current teachers. Theres a small number of elective subjects they can choose from".

I must say however that I am impressed with the selection of electives offered to the students. They look so interesting! I don't recall being given this sort of choice. Web Design, Theatrical  design, TV production, Interior design, Digital imaging, Exploring technology, Robotics & Electronics....makes Needlework, Cookery or "Craft, design & Technology" seem somewhat bland doesn't it?!

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