Sunday, March 20, 2011

Alive again!!

I feel like a dormouse must feel when waking up from hibernation. For the first time in many months its been possible to spend time outside and its been great! The snow has gone from everywhere except the shadiest spots, the sun is out and although its not exactly warm, as long as you wear a thick sweatshirt, the temperature is comfortable. So yesterday I spent a few happy hours tidying up the flower beds in the backyard. My back was aching, and my boots and gloves were filthy, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Today I am going to tempt fate by buying and planting out a few hardy pansies and primroses to add a bit of color to the beds. The chairs are out on the deck (albeit sans cushions...) so Spring better be round the corner now. No more snow please (or if you must snow, sprinkles only...)

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