Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A very important meal

I have decided you can tell the quality of a hotel by the standard of dress of the guests at breakfast in the morning. When we stayed at a Comfort Suites in Orlando, the breakfast area was filled with people wearing their PJs (some obviously without knickers on, based on the amount of wobbling that went on underneath the fabric), uncombed hair, slippers and tattoos standing in a long line waiting for the waffle-maker.

In the Hilton Garden Inn in New Hampshire, there were no people in PJs, but the guests looked as though they had just fallen out of bed, pulled on their sweats, and dragged fingers through their hair. There was a line at the omelet station.

In the Hilton in DC, the guests were washed and dressed, and there was no line because everyone was too busy reading the New York Times or their Blackberry.

I wonder what breakfast at the Ritz is like? Would I need to wear a designer outfit and jewels? Would I have to stand in line at the Oyster bar? I suppose I am glad that I will probably never find out.

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