Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cannon Mountain

Last Saturday it was extremely misty with showers, so we had to be inventive about things to do to entertain ourselves. We decided to take the cable car ride up the side of Cannon Mountain. Now I know that people usually do this on a clear day, as the guide said on the ride up, "on a clear day we can see 4 states from the top". On Saturday we were lucky if we could see further than the door of the cable car. Visibility was officially listed as zero at the top of the mountain, as you can see from the photo

But having said that, it was interesting to experience just how bad the weather at the top of the mountain could be. The wind was whistling, the rain was horizontal, and the cable car swung wildly on its ropes. We sat in the cafe at the top for a while looking at the weather out of the window, then we rode down again. Quite a nice way to pass a couple of hours on what was a pretty dismal day.

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