Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good riddance

So this week saw the end of the Harold Shipman's life. To those that don't know, Harold Shipman was a doctor who killed at least 215 elderly women and men, by injecting them with an overdose of heroin. This was usually preceded by him pursuading the unfortunate patients to include him as the beneficiary in their will. He was sentenced to multiple life sentences.

He was found this week hanged in his cell. He had hanged himself using his bedsheets. The media interviewed some relatives of the victims and they were disappointed, saying that he had not had to suffer in jail for long enough, and his death was an easy way out.

Well I just don't see it that way. OK, so I'm sure being in prison is not as much fun as being on the outside, but its not as though the prisoners are fed bread and water and forced to work 18hrs a day in chain gangs. They get all sorts of opportunities to educate themselves, train for a trade, etc. They get fed reasonable food although admittedly not gourmet. And all of this costs money, tax payers money. In my opinion good riddance to the man. That's one less murderer to clothe and feed.

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  1. Hi Heather,
    Not sure where you got the date from but Shipman has been dead since Jan 2004. He hung himself in prison.
    So the tax payer has been saved even more than you thought. :)