Saturday, October 22, 2011

A typical Saturday morning

A typical Saturday morning.
  1. Wake up late, go downstairs to make tea. Cleanup mess in kitchen from previous evening.
  2. Kids are up. Clean up their breakfast mess in the kitchen. 
  3. Go to put some washing on. Tidy up the kids bedrooms. Tidy up the kids bathroom. 
  4. Inspired by a session of watching "Cupcake wars" last night, daughter is making lemon & lime cupcakes.  Tidy up kitchen .
  5. A tornado (aka husband) comes into the kitchen., returning from grocery store, and now late for daughter's soccer. 
  6. Daughter appears and declares she is ready to go. She just needs to clean her teeth, put her hair up, put on her socks, shin guards and cleats, get some water and put on her sports glasses. More tornado activity 
  7. Finally they leave. Tidy away purchases. Go downstairs to gym to do some exercise. Peace at last.
Whoever said weekends were a time to relax?

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