Monday, August 16, 2010


The schools in our town have been looking for ways to save money this year. I won't go into an obvious narrative about how I could give them ideas for saving money by not sending home so many paper notices, and not photocopying worksheets but making the kids write down the questions in one of their numerous composition books instead...but I won't. I will instead describe the towns latest brainwave.
This year, as well as charging $250 per pupil for the privilege of having a bus pass, the school has decided not to mail home the bus passes to save on postage; they have mandated that parents come collect them at set times from the town hall. So this evening after work, Tony set off to the town hall to collect our 2 kids bus passes, expecting it to be a simple task. How wrong he was. His suspicions should've been roused by the lack of available spaces in the parking lot. However it was the line of people extending out of the door of the town hall that was the giveaway. People were not happy. One woman complained that she had been there for over an hour waiting in line. Another said that the town should've "charged the extra 40 cents for the stamp and mailed the damn pass". They are right. Whose stupid idea was it to allow hundreds of parents to descend on the town hall to pick up passes? How much gas must've been consumed in total within the town by the parents driving there? Was it really so difficult to reserve 40 Cents of the bus pass fee for postage? Or possibly they could've asked for a stamped self-addressed envelope for the passes to be mailed back in? There are lots of options better than the one they selected, and all they have achieved is to piss parents off (pardon mon francais) before the school year has even begun. Nice job!

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